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Also see gitweb for repositories hosted here.


I've been maintaining ethtool in Debian and upstream for the last few years. See ethtool on


I've handed over maintenance of DVswitch to Wouter Verhelst. See DVswitch on Alioth.


See DebConf video team software on Alioth. I don't work on this much any more.

Debconf5 DVD

DebConf6 DVD

Python CGI test script

Use this to find out what Python facilities your web server provides. Upload it to a directory where you can run CGI scripts. If the web server runs Unix, remember to make the uploaded script executable. Then load the URL for the CGI script in a web browser. If this produces an error message, try changing the interpreter name on the first line to /usr/local/bin/python and uploading the script again. Once it is working, you should have a list of available Python executables. You may be able to choose an alternate version of Python by changing the interpreter name again.

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