Photos from my visit to Nattie in September 1999

These pictures were taken at La Jolla, just up the coast from San Diego. There's a narrow outcrop of rock on top of which a path and hand-rails have been placed. It provides an excellent place to look out over the sea, to hear the crash of waves, and to see seals and sealions. Nattie and I spent several hours there in the evening before her mother decided the apartment was in a fit state for me to see.

Nattie smiles for the camera, but doesn't look at it.

Nattie smirks at me.

I'm not going to say anything about that smirk. Oh no.

The view back towards the shore.

Reflections of the sun on the sea.

Breaking waves beneath the outcrop.

Me and Nattie by the car.

Ben Hutchings
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