Photos from Cambridge Fanattiecal afpmeet, 15-16 April 2000

I scanned these images from printed photographs at 150 dpi, or higher where I decided to crop them. These rather oversized `thumbnails', linking to those images, are scaled down by a factor of 4. I did all the image processing with the Gimp program.

15th April

Some of the early arrivals, at the Castle in Regent Street.

The photo shows, from left to right, Nattie, ???, Corinne, Susan M, Rachel and Thom (aka Quantum Moth). (It also shows some glasses, sandwich boxes, ashtrays, drinks mats (as yet unthrown), a Palm computer, bags, stuffed toys, and other objects, but none of these have names AFAIK.)

The meet arrives at the Fitzwilliam, in light rain.

Barry balances his head, and a phone, on one finger.

I hope Arwen is impressed by this demonstration.

16th April

Breakfast is eaten at Woolworths.

And now, competition time! Can you guess which of those in the picture will be asleep again in 2 hours' time? Looking at other people's photos first is cheating.

Barry and Eoin catch up on the important news.

No, not by pressing `c'.

Rosemary and Nattie torture Thomas's hair.

Neo^WBarry: We need guns. Big plastic guns that hold lots of water.

Rachel and Corinne go back to sleep.

Award yourself 1 point if you guessed right.

Barry ducks as our punt glides under a tree.

I can't remember whether he or I was supposed to be punting at this point.

The view of punts downstream.

It's not as if that lot were a whole lot better at this punting lark, you know.

Peter and ccooke attempt to sync their brains.

Three girls decide to share my bed.

(But only between themselves. Call it three-on-a-bed inaction.)

Ben Hutchings
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