Photos from Kennington afpmeet, 22 April 2000

I scanned these images from printed photographs at 150 dpi, or higher where I decided to crop them. These rather oversized `thumbnails', linking to those images, are scaled down by a factor of 4. I did all the image processing with the Gimp program.

Obligatory general group shot omitting key people.

From left to right, the people are Nattie (back of head only), Melody, Rand, Barry and Arwen.

I sample the delights to be found within Nattie's shirt.

Those would be chocolates. In a tub.

Barry and Arwen act disgustingly vommish, unlike any other people at the meet.

Eoin attempts to distract Nattie from throttling him by waving a burning stick.

Or did I somehow misunderstand the situation?

My turn to be attacked by would-be hairdressers.

I had my hair rearranged twice in the pub, achieving a Princess Leia look the second time round. Barry warned me to revert my hair to normal before leaving the pub.

Nattie and Arwen relax at Barry's flat: `I'm not as think as you drunk I am, Arwen.'

Hooray for alcoholic washing-up liquid! (Pisang Ambon)

Ben Hutchings
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