Photos from Clarecraft Discworld Event 2000

These thumbnails and descriptions link to JPEG images averaging about 60 Kbytes, with around 800 x 600 pixels (4 times the height and width of the thumbnails).

The names I've used here are mostly the names used on L-Space IRC or on the newsgroup. Some of them happen to be real names too. People are listed in left-to-right order in the foreground of the picture.

28th July


I managed to get my tent up all by myself.

Someone I can't identify, Uwe (or is it Rolf? sorry, I didn't figure out how to tell you apart), MchlGrnt, Eric and Susan_M.

29th July


Julie/Bluebottle, Brett/Dragon, Alex/PerfDrug (discovering the infamous melted bar of chocolate), Aquarion and Thom.

Thomas, Corinne, someone whose name I keep forgetting, Daniël, Rosemary and Rachel.

Someone whose name I forget, Janice, Alex/Harassed, Marina, and Dog.

And Mole in the background, in a striped shirt.

Simon Callan(?), Ailbhe, that person whose name I forgot before, and Rob/muppet.

zoekim and kimzoe (or vice versa; it doesn't matter since they are inseparable), Kate E, Susan_M, Thomas, Nikki and Martin.

Melusine demonstrates proper use of tags, or something.

The back of the hat says `</head>', of course. I'm told there are also T-shirts with `<body>' and `</body>' printed on them.

Gideon, Adrian, ingvar, ccooke and jester.

Maurice/MrO, Jacquie/Spirit/Ookey, and the ookling.


Thom, Rachel, Corinne, Rosemary and Aquarion.

Labrat/Jeroen talks to Nattie.

I passed this call around to, um, probably only about 20 people. I will take this opportunity to complain that some people remembered talking to Nattie on my phone, but didn't remember that I was there. Bah.

30th July


Too many people get addicted to playing Galax.

This is all my fault for giving the game to them. In my defence, I'd like to say: muahahahahaha!


Lunchtime(-ish) at the grease-wagon.

Barry and Arwen's arsenal of water-weaponry.

Actually this is only the half they brought with them.

Thomas packs up, leaving his sign till last.

The handing-over of the 15 auctioned white chocolate-coated coffee-bean.

Mike/mpk with his BOFHmobile.

No, he doesn't normally drive this. His father collects ex-army equipment and loaned this for the weekend.

That's all. You can go away now.

Ben Hutchings
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