Photos from my visits to San Diego in September 2000

Due to some poor planning, I went to San Diego twice in September; first as a vacation to see Nattie, and secondly to represent my employer at a trade show. Of course the second visit was another opportunity to spend a lot of time with Nattie.

Please note, there are more photos to come when I get round to scanning them.

At University

Nattie sitting against a pillar of the music building

Nattie waiting for a bus

Nattie outside the athletics track

Me, standing outside the athletics track

Nattie in a courtyard by the athletics track

At Mission Beach

The sand and the sea

Nattie lying on a towel on the beach

A pair of sandals

A surfer

At Home

Nattie sitting on the couch, front view

Nattie sitting on the couch, side view

In the Mountains

Nattie holding a kitten

Ben Hutchings
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