Grand Canyon trip with Nattie's family, November 2000

My visit to San Diego in November 2000 included the American holiday of Thanksgiving. I thought this was a time spent at home. Nattie's mother and stepfather believe that it's a time to travel hundreds of miles away from home - specifically to Arizona and the Grand Canyon.

In November, this part of Arizona is cold, and there is snow on the ground.

Snow and trees at the side the road

We stayed in Flagstaff and had a long journey between there and the canyon. This was what we saw out the window for much of the way. Despite warning signs, we did not see leaping deer or hitch-hiking elk.

Nattie sitting

This was taken close by the Grand Canyon. I airbrushed out her watch and the logo on her T-shirt.

The canyon

Note the scattered snow on the canyon wall.

The canyon wall

The canyon

Plants on the rim

Tom and Emiko

Nattie's stepfather and mother sitting dangerously close to the canyon's edge.

Nattie and Emiko posing for Tom

The canyon lit by the setting sun

The setting sun

Nattie in the dark

After sunset it very quickly got dark, though not quite as dark as this picture suggests.

Ben Hutchings

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