Swabia, New Year 2001

Swabia is the region of Germany that Nattie comes from. We visited her family there from 30th December 2000 to 5th January 2001.

The scene of our arrival

There was some snow on the ground when we left Heathrow, but Stuttgart laid on fresh snow for us! This is taken from the bus that took us to the terminal.

Oma at the window

Nattie, her brother and father talk to and photograph her Oma (grandmother) at the window.

Nattie by snowy slope

This was an area where people were sledging, snowboarding and so on.

Hans-Dieter and Alex

Nattie's father and younger brother.

A valley at dusk

Unfortunately I can't remember quite where this is.


Swabians can do anything but speak standard German (Hochdeutsch). So they'll call Nattie's birthplace Tuebinga instead of Tuebingen. I think this photo was taken there.

More of Tuebinga

Again, I think.

Ben Hutchings

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