California, March 2001

San Diego

Nattie reading something on my Palm

Nattie and her friend Bridget at the ice rink


Nattie on Berkeley pier

There's supposed to be a photo taken off the end of Berkeley pier here, but Nattie's borrowed it so I can't scan it.

Vacation in the Napa Valley

Nattie with bicycle

We stopped for lunch by the side of the road during a cycle ride that took most of the day and damn' near killed us.

The valley itself

I should have had a colour film for this. Oh well.

A large tree

This is the tree we had lunch under. Nattie is just barely visible at the foot of the tree.

Back in San Francisco

Tom and Nattie

Taken near Union Square on my Pentax Spotmatic immediately after I got it back from being repaired.

Night lights on Nob Hill

Taken from the balcony of the apartment I was in.

Nattie standing against a wall

This was at one end of the balcony.

Nattie making herself comfortable

A strikingly-shaped church

The dome of City Hall

Fog across Nob Hill

Ben Hutchings
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