Whosercon, Toronto, 2001

It's all about improv. For further obfusc-explanation, see the official Whosercon pages.

Emile and Nattie play some kind of game

Nattie and 'Frin play Ask Dr Expert

The man on the left was giving us instruction in improv.

Fancong with pool cues

Or 'dancing' as normal people would spell it.

Girls showing their legs

Downtown Toronto

This was the view from the window of the room I stayed in at Ryerson Polytechnic, host to WhoserCon.

The purple shirt cult celebrates Canada Day

A game involving a date between two groups of three

The mural at Second City comedy club

The CN Tower

Canada's Really Big - and to prove it, they built the tallest phallic symbol in the world!

Ben Hutchings
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