Names supplied as far as I can remember - please send me any corrections/additions as far as those go. Ta.

Matthew demonstrates that in the case of camera lenses, size does matter.

General group shot - many, many laptops - I won't even attempt to supply names here.

Alas, poor Dust Puppy...

Rob attempts with varying degrees of success to photograph the Dust Puppy.

Laurence in the foreground, while in the background Phil photographs someone/something.

Dafydd is absorbed.

Phil, likewise.

One side of the front room

The other side (gosh, really?)

A group accosts the Dust Puppy. From left: Phil, Chris, Dafydd, Rob, Steven Murdoch , Rob McQueen (doing the actual accosting).

Dafydd and Phil. Ooh, pretty sunlight.

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