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Sat, 02 Apr 2016

Debian LTS work, March 2016

Last month was relatively quiet for me in terms of uploads, as the "squeeze" LTS period was over and "wheezy" is still in the hands of the regular Debian security team. I carried over 7.25 hours from Feburary and was assigned another 11 hours of work by Freexian's Debian LTS initiative, and worked a total of 12.75 hours.

As Debian 7 "wheezy" uses Linux 3.2.y, I took on maintenance of that stable branch at from May 2012 until wheezy's EOL. (This currently makes it both the oldest of the supported releases and the one with the latest projected EOL!) I will now be maintaining it as part of my Debian LTS work, and then taking on Linux 3.16.y in my own time starting next month. Each update takes me around 10 hours to prepare, so Linux 3.2.79 accounted for most of my work this month.

Aside from that, I backported an additional security fix for the kernel (that was not yet suitable for a update) to the wheezy-security branch, rebased the wheezy branch on 3.2.79, and pulled upstream updates to the PREEMPT_RT patchset.

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