In March I was assigned 16 hours of work by Freexian's Debian LTS initiative and carried over 12.25 hours from earlier months. I worked 25.75 hours and will carry over the remainder.

I eventually settled on an apparently working patch series to fix the futex security issue in Linux 4.9. This went through upstream stable review and was included in 4.9.260. I applied the same fixes to the Debian package, along with some other security and regression fixes. I uploaded it and issued DLA-2586-1.

Unfortunately the futex changes for Linux 4.9 still caused a regression (kernel WARNING in some circumstances). I worked to backport and test a further set of fixes that had already been applied to later kernel branches. These were included in upstream stable release 4.9.264 and should go into an updated Debian package soon.

Following the Debian 10.9 point release, I also backported the updated Linux 4.19 package. I uploaded it and issued DLA-2610-1.