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Mon, 04 Apr 2022

Debian LTS work, March 2022

In March I was assigned 16 hours of work by Freexian's Debian LTS initiative and carried over 8 hours from February. I worked 16 hours, and will carry over the remaining time to April.

I backported the mitigations for Spectre-BHB (CVE-2022-0001, CVE-2022-0002) on x86 processors, to Linux 4.9. I worked together with Salvatore Bonaccorso in preparing the kernel updates that were needed in all suites, and writing advisory text. I uploaded both the linux (4.9) and linux-4.19 packages to stretch, and issued DLA-2940-1 and DLA-2941-1.

I also triaged new issues that were reported later in the month.

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