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Fri, 11 Dec 2015

Debian LTS work, November 2015

I've now been working on Debian LTS for a full year, so I'm going to stop counting months.

In November, I carried over 5 hours from October and was assigned another 15 hours of work by Freexian's Debian LTS initiative. However, I spent much of the month on sick leave, so I only worked 5 billable hours on Debian LTS plus some unbilled time while on leave.

I had another week in the front desk role, and triaged about 20 new issues. Less than half actually affected packages supported in squeeze-lts, and only about 5 were important.

CVE-2015-5309 in putty had a patch that was fairly easy to backport, so I did that, uploaded and sent DLA 347-1.

I backported several security fixes to linux-2.6 and sent some of those we had already released to Willy Tarreau for inclusion in Linux 2.6.32-longterm. At the end of the month, I reviewed Linux and found a couple of bugs, leading to an -rc2. I applied that to the linux-2.6 packaging branch for squeeze-lts and spent a little time testing it, thankfully not hitting any regressions.

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