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Wed, 04 Nov 2020

Debian LTS work, October 2020

I was assigned 6.25 hours of work by Freexian's Debian LTS initiative and carried over 17.5 hours from earlier months. I worked 11.5 hours this month and returned 7.75 hours to the pool, so I will carry over 4.5 hours to November.

I updated linux-4.19 to include the changes in DSA-4772-1, and issued DLA-2417-1 for this.

I updated linux (4.9 kernel) to include upstream stable fixes, and issued DLA-2420-1. This resulted in a regression on some Xen PV environments. Ian Jackson identified the upstream fix for this, which had not yet been applied to all the stable branches that needed it. I made a further update with just that fix, and issued DLA-2420-2.

I have also been working to backport fixes for some less urgent security issues in Linux 4.9, but have not yet applied those fixes.

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