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Wed, 03 Jun 2020

Introducing debplate, a template system for Debian packages

For about two months I've been working on a new project, debplate, which currently lives at benh/debplate on Salsa. This is a template system for Debian packages, primarily intended to ease building multiple similar binary packages from a single source. With some changes, it could also be useful for making multiple source packages consistent (issue #9).

I want debplate to be capable of replacing the kernel team's existing template system and a lot of its custom scripting, but it is also meant to a general tool. I believe it's already capable of supporting source packages with relatively simple needs, and there are some examples of these in the debplate source. My long-term goal is that debplate will replace most team-specific and package-specific template systems, making those source packages using it less unusual and easier to contribute to.

I gave a short talk about debplate at MiniDebConf Online on Sunday.

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